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You love your grooming business. Nothing makes you happier than seeing a smiling customer walk away with their freshly pampered four-legged companion. You pride yourself on offering quality service for your clients and a positive work environment for your employees. But there is one thing preventing you from fully enjoying your grooming business – all that paperwork. Receipts, invoices, appointment schedules, and client information form an intimidating pile on your desk which threatens to topple over and crush unwary passersby at any moment.  You’ve considered hiring a secretary to help deal with the logistical mess but that would be such a strain on the budget. We’re here to tell you that you can relax. There is a simple solution to your pet grooming business woes 
What is The Pet Groomer’s Secretary™?

The Secretary™ is an incredibly user friendly software package designed specifically for professional pet grooming businesses. Your days of drowning under mountains of paperwork are over. The Secretary™ will relieve the heavy burden of record keeping and allow you and your employees to focus all of your energy on making your business the absolute best it can be.

That Sounds Great, But What Exactly Can It Do?

The Secretary™ software has a multitude of features designed to make your grooming business run smoothly and efficiently. And if there are any additional features you would like to see incorporated in the software, we’re more than happy to fulfill your request! The benefits of using the Secretary™ include:

The Secretary™ makes scheduling, altering, and viewing appointments simple. In fact, with our software you or an employee can book a client’s appointment and save it to the database in less than 30 seconds. You’ll never lose track of an appointment again with the Secretary™!

          Accessible client information
Do you have a client with a pet that requires special handling? The Secretary™ allows you to store detailed information including a picture of your clients’ pets in order to ensure that each customer gets the individualized attention they deserve. This picture will then appear next to the appointment so your groomers know who they will be pampering on any given day.  
          Clear financial records
Handling finances is one of the biggest stressors for business owners. The Secretary™ eliminates that stress for you by streamlining your financial records. Expense reports, profit and loss statements, employee pay reports, inventory, and sales reports are all accessible to you with just a click of the mouse. You can even set the program so that your company logo is printed on each client receipt – what a great way to advertise and encourage repeat business!

·         Customer incentives
We know you want to do absolutely everything possible to make sure your customers are satisfied with the service they have received at your business and the Secretary™ can certainly help you with that. Our software will allow you to award pets a star for each appointment and give your customers beautiful good-pet certificates.

·         Information security
You can rest easy knowing that all the information entered into the Secretary™ is completely secure. Your Secretary™ will be password protected to prevent any unsavory activity. And if issues arise with your computer the Secretary has an easy to use database system. None of your business information will be lost or stolen!

·         Happy employees
We guarantee that as much as you love the Secretary™, your employees will love it even more! You’ll have the option of assigning a different color to each individual groomer and that groomer color will be displayed next to every appointment booked. Employees will be able to see the exact number and time for their appointments. The Secretary™ will also calculate and generate employee pay reports. 

Wow, that’s Amazing! But I’m Still a Little Unsure…
Are you afraid all of this sounds too good to be true? Well, you don’t have to take our word for it – experience the ease and efficiency of The Pet Groomer’s Secretary™ yourself with our 30 day trial! Do you want to know the best part? It’s absolutely FREE! You read that correctly – FREE for 90 days. We offer you this trial period because we genuinely believe that you will be thrilled with our software and the difference it makes in the management of your grooming business. During your trial period you will have the added bonus of free phone and email support from our knowledgeable staff (a $199 value). If for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the Secretary™ you can uninstall it at any time and be charged absolutely nothing. But we know once you experience The Pet Groomer’s Secretary for yourself, you’ll be hooked!

We even offer a Pet Groomer’s Secretary™ Lite which has all of the important features of our software at an affordable price.


Save yourself from hours of tedious paperwork and the headache of record keeping. Let the Secretary™ take care of all that so you are free to truly enjoy the best aspects of your pet grooming business. We really believe our software will help your business grow and prosper. With the Secretary™ making all your information management easy, you will have the time to interact with your employees and address their needs. That will create some very happy employees; and happy employees make for happy clients! We guarantee that you will be amazed by what the Secretary™ can do for you and your business. After using the Secretary™, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Secretary™, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us.